Infinity maintains a multi-product roadmap, focused on the ‘fixed income side’ of crypto financial markets. Once benchmark (cash) interest rates have been established, we will make available derivatives (rate-based swaps) to enforce no arbitrage mechanics and credit markets to support on-chain debt issuance, alongside the support of tokenized real world assets enabling the seamless convergence between fiat and crypto ecosystems.

Product Offerings

  • Floating rate cash market (live)

  • Fixed rate cash market (live)

  • Interest rate swap (pending)

  • Cross currency swap (pending)

  • Cross currency basis swap (pending)

  • Credit swaps (pending)

  • And more…

Collateral Support

  • Ethereum based, w/ yield-bearing tokens

  • US dollar based, w/ yield-bearing tokens

  • Off exchange settlement to support native Bitcoin, and Fiat instruments such as:

    • Government Bonds

    • Corporate Bonds

    • Money Market Funds

    • Real Estate

    • And more…

Off-Chain Compute

Infinity needs at least 20mm Transactions per Second to meet its minimum requirements for computation. While it doesn't need this throughput per-se, it broadly requires this amount of compute to risk manage outstanding risk positions and provide a robust order book experience. There are multiple aspects to the path-to-decentralization, for example, the censorship resistance and verifiable compute.

To this effect, we have mapped out hybrid cloud-computing configurations, are separately exploring zk compute/proofs, and are working with some L2s on experimental hybrid solutions in the near-term. Reach out if you're interested to work on this with us.

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